How to give

Be a Part of the Driving Force for Thailand’s Better Future

Mahidol University Endowment Fund serves as a central capital source for university support on Future Ready projects aimed at improving people’s quality of life. Everyone and every organization can now join us in our commitment to Future Adaptive Talent, Future Breakthrough Discovery, and Future Lifelong Learning to further drive our Endowment’s positive societal impacts. Donate to Mahidol University Endowment Fund today through the e-Donation platform.

How to give

Donating through e-Donation, or the electronic donation system, is a system that supports donation information and provides convenience for donors to use tax deductions without the need to submit donation evidence to the Revenue Department.

Donation information is automatically sent to the Revenue Department, therefore donors do not need to keep receipts or submit donation documents.

How to give

Donate via QR Code


Access your bank’s mobile Application


Choose the “Scan QR Code”


Scan the displayed QR Code


Indicate the desired donation amount


Confirm to Donate

To make a donation on behalf of an organization or company, please provide the following information:

– Donation amount (in Thai Baht)
– Tax identification number (13 digits)
– Organization/Company name
– Contact person information: (Name, Phone number, Email, Address to be specified on the receipt)

Send the information to or contact us for further inquiries at 06-3638-2940

Donation Benefits

Double Tax Deductions!

Individuals: Donations are tax-deductible at twice the amount donated, up to 10% of total disposable income after deducting other lawful expenses and allowances.

Company or Juristic Partnership: Expenses are deductible at twice the amount donated, up to 10% of net profit before public, educational, or sports charity deductions.

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For All Donation Inquiries, please contact us via
+66 (0) 2849-6000
Contact us via @Line

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