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Mahidol University Endowment Fund was established to serve as a perpetual source of capital to support the advancement of knowledge and new innovations. We are committed to developing future adaptive talent, future breakthrough discovery, and future lifelong learning in order to create positive societal transformations. Join us and contribute to this collective force of creation.

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The latest donation amount: 2,317,651.33 ฿ Update: 30 April 2024

Health Tech Ecosystem

A good and efficient medical system is possible when all parties collaborate. Mahidol University is ready to be a key player in driving knowledge, fostering talent development, innovation, and research to create positive changes for everyone.

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Creative Music Destination

If music receives the correct, appropriate, and sufficient support today, there is an opportunity to develop a standard for the integrated science of music. Creating opportunities for learning and skill development in a creative learning environment. Let’s not allow Thai music to become a distant memory; together, we can create values and a unique musical identity for Thailand.

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Sustainable Living Model

The definition of Thailand as a “Rice Bowl” for future generations will remain clear only if we invest in the development and promotion of this green land. It should be a rich source of learning, nurture innovation in agriculture and the environment, and support ongoing education and valuable research for the Thai community.

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Our Projects

Supporting students, fueling groundbreaking research, advancing solutions to societal challenges.

Why donate to Mahidol University Endowment Fund?

We believe that knowledge generates every possibility. Therefore, every invaluable donation will be used to advance further possibilities in various areas, including
• Modern Medicine
• Music for Emotional Nourishment
• Sustainable Food Resources Development
• Agricultural Technology
• Innovation for Nature

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Mahidol University Endowment Fund

Support the advancement of knowledge and new innovations


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