Future Breakthrough Discovery

Exploring domestic issues, seeking solutions, conducting research, and developing new innovations for a brighter future for Thailand.

Wisdom Creation

The core of Mahidol University has always been =research and development to discover innovations across various fields, including science, nutrition, medicine, and environment, to help improve the lives of people. We are committed to addressing various challenges faced by Thai citizens and discovering better solutions because we believe that knowledge can continually generate new opportunities and possibilities that lead to positive changes.

Why is fundraising for “Wisdom Creation” important?

Because Mahidol University believes that there are still many problems awaiting discovery. Numerous potential innovations yet to be explored and countless unknowns. Wisdom Creation is something that Mahidol University aims to promote to foster learning, knowledge transfer, exploration, development, and actualization.

Wisdom Creation leads to the development of updated and contemporary academic curricula, a commitment to pursuing research and new innovations in various fields to find superior solutions, create positive impacts, and benefit society for both current and future generations.


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