Future Lifelong Learning

Develop an educational ecosystem that provides continuous access to essential knowledge resources, preparing us to navigate the changes that lie ahead.

Create Future Lifelong Learning

In today’s rapidly changing world, failing to adapt means struggling in the new era. Lifelong learning is a vital life skill that ensures we all stay updated with knowledge and skills. Mahidol University Endowment Fund aims to enhance the learning environment, encompassing learning materials, educational media, modern technology, and an incubator center. This initiative provides convenient access to future knowledge and fosters opportunities for students, researchers, and the general public.

Why is fundraising for “Future Lifelong Learning” important?

Because Mahidol University believes that learning is a lifelong endeavor, with new topics to explore and discoveries to make each day. Regardless of the field, creating an educational environment is crucial to facilitate comprehensive learning. Establishing lifelong learning opportunities enables students, researchers, and the public to access developed knowledge, facilitating learning and readiness to tackle future changes.


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