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Developing high-quality talents equipped with essential skills, knowledge, and vision for shaping the future of our nation.

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The key to propelling Thailand towards a sustainable future lies in nurturing a “Mahidol University Endowment Fund” that aims to cultivate individuals with knowledge in both sciences and arts, possessing the necessary skills and capabilities required for various fields of study. This endeavor is intended to enhance the quality of life and bring about positive changes at the societal, national, and global levels. Collaboration among different departments within Mahidol University enables the university to develop innovative curricula to meet both national and international demands.

People are the crucial driving force in steering Thailand toward a sustainable future.

Whether it involves championing specialized professions that are scarce and lacking, this is essential for the long-term stability and security of the country.

Why is fundraising for Future Adaptive Talent important?

Because people are the crucial driving force in steering Thailand toward a sustainable future.

For example, paramedics play a critical role in aiding critically ill patients outside of hospitals, reducing mortality rates. Medical physicists are instrumental in improving patients’ quality of life by applying physics knowledge to ensure non-hazardous radiation exposure during treatment. Additionally, developing new curricula for robotics engineering and medical artificial intelligence addresses the growing trend of robotic usage across various industries, both now and in the near future.

At Mahidol University, our commitment to cultivating talent across diverse fields of knowledge, including both sciences and arts, is unwavering. We aim to equip individuals with practical skills and the wisdom necessary to adapt to future changes.

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