Geological Park and Geoscience Museum: An endless source of knowledge in geoscience.

The natural processes occurring on Earth not only encompass natural events but also include human activities that have implications for the changes in natural resources. Geoscience knowledge is crucial in helping us adapt to these changes and sustain our lives. By focusing on the study of the structure and natural processes of the Earth at different times, based on evidence found in various rock layers, this knowledge becomes essential for the economic development and security of the nation. Examples include the exploration of oil and mineral resources, dam construction, and addressing natural disasters in various forms.

Geological Park and Geoscience Museum: An endless source of knowledge in geoscience.

The Bachelor of Science program in Geoscience offered by Mahidol University, Kanchanaburi Campus, is also actively working to address the shortage of geoscience professionals. This is achieved through the establishment of the “Geological Park and Geoscience Museum,” covering an area of approximately 70 acres. The park serves as an outdoor geoscience learning center that emphasizes hands-on learning experiences with real rocks, as well as representative models of rocks, minerals, and fossils from various regions of Thailand. These exhibits are showcased along the path in the Geoscience Park, organized according to geological ages ranging from the Precambrian era (more than 542 million years ago) to the present day.

The Geological Park is a collection of large rocks, ranging from the oldest geological periods in Thailand to the present day. The educational path within the park spans over 2 kilometers, and visitors can explore it using an Electric Tram. Each rock sample is equipped with a QR code for further study.

The Geoscience Museum is a collection of rocks from around the world, generously contributed by various universities worldwide. The rocks span different geological periods, from the earliest epochs to the present day. Additionally, the museum houses fossils and has received satellite imagery support from GISTDA for presenting geological maps. There is also a cinema room that features presentations related to geoscience. Visitors can explore the museum through a Virtual Tour.

The Geoscience Museum and Geological Park are also utilized for practical teaching for students. They are also used to train teachers from various provinces across the country, conduct training for students participating in geological camps, and provide training for students from different schools attending annual science camps. Additionally, these facilities have been used for international competitions such as IESO2018 and the national competition TESO 2021.

Join us in supporting the development and maintenance of the Geological Park and Museum

Because we believe that knowledge can be “created” endlessly through lifelong learning, Mahidol University is committed to developing diverse learning resources, even in disciplines that some may overlook. Join us in supporting the development and maintenance of the Geological Park and Museum through Mahidol University Endowment Fund.

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