The context of ‘Learning’ in the new era has undergone a significant transformation. Knowledge is no longer confined to studying within a specific faculty or classroom but entails the opportunity for learners to expand their knowledge across various disciplines, linking and applying it to real-world situations. This approach allows for the creation of a new generation of professionals who are ready to ‘Take Action’ and ‘Create’ meaningful change at both community and national levels.

An Interdisciplinary Program aimed at integrating knowledge without boundaries to cultivate a new generation of community developers

While the technology and digital sector has strongly supported continuous learning and its application to diverse career paths, the agricultural and community development sector, which is crucial to the country, has not been effectively propelled to bring about impactful changes at the local level. Various forms of knowledge are still concentrated among the older generation, awaiting a new generation to carry on the legacy of development and growth efficiently.

Mahidol University, Kanchanaburi Campus, is one of the few educational institutions in Thailand dedicated to developing professionals to address the sustainable living needs of the country across generations through the knowledge of local wisdom. With 7 interdisciplinary programs that transcend the boundaries of specific faculties, the university provides learners with opportunities to acquire knowledge in an integrated manner.

These programs cover areas such as agricultural science, food technology, Thailand’s first and only soil science program, conservation biology, environmental management, disaster management, and business and accounting. The curriculum blends academic knowledge with hands-on practical experience in the real world. Additionally, it emphasizes an entrepreneurial mindset to produce professionals in agriculture, food innovation, resource management, and environmental science. The aim is to leverage existing local wisdom from the source, through the middle, and to the end of the watercourse to venture into businesses in the new era successfully and sustainably. It represents a forward-looking career path that may be overlooked by many but is never underestimated by us.

Join us in being a part of the integration of knowledge for sustainable living through the support of Mahidol University Endowment Fund

Join us in being a part of the integration of knowledge for sustainable living through the support of Mahidol University Endowment Fund. This initiative aims to provide scholarships to financially disadvantaged students, support the work of personnel, and develop learning resources to be well-prepared. It is designed to foster the creation of a new generation of developers, specifically in agriculture and local areas, ensuring the growth and prosperity of the country.

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