Emergencies are often unforeseeable, especially when they involve sudden injuries or illnesses. Paramedics who can provide emergency assistance at the scene of an incident are of utmost importance. However, Thailand currently has only 674 paramedics.

Paramedics Creation Project

Every emergency situation can mean a matter of life and death for patients. To address this, we need paramedics who possess the knowledge and skills to care for emergency patients outside of hospitals, including the proper methods of patient transport.

Paramedics, sometimes referred to as emergency doctors or life-saving heroes, play a crucial role in assisting critically ill or injured patients outside of hospitals and at the scene of accidents. This profession is developed to equip paramedics with the knowledge, skills, and mindset needed to perform emergency procedures for patients with sudden injuries or life-threatening illnesses. Timely assessment, management, and treatment are vital to prevent fatalities or worsening of injuries or illnesses. The holistic application of science and art in emergency medical procedures covers everything from recognizing emergency conditions to providing patients with necessary care. This includes assessment, management, coordination, supervision, communication, transportation, diagnosis, and treatment of emergency patients, both outside and inside hospitals. Additionally, it encompasses the operation and management of local emergency medical systems. Paramedics are a crucial medical profession that significantly improves survival rates.

As of April 2022, Thailand has only 674 paramedics (Source: National Institute for Emergency Medicine), with only half actively working in the field. The production rate of professional paramedics is approximately 180-200 individuals per year, which is insufficient to meet the country’s needs. The National Institute of Emergency Medicine estimates a need for more than 35,000 paramedics within the next five years and at least 10,000 within the next 1-3 years.

To ensure widespread access to emergency medical services, Mahidol University is committed to developing and increasing the number of paramedic professionals through the curriculum in Thailand taught by medical professors specializing in emergency medicine and various related fields. We are also launching new programs in collaboration with the College of Sports Science and Technology to produce “sport paramedics” capable of providing proper care to patients with sports-related injuries promptly and efficiently. This curriculum is a pioneering effort in Thailand and will enhance our readiness to handle international emergency situations.

Mahidol University Endowment Fund has a fundraising initiative called the “Paramedics Creation Project” project to create high-quality paramedics who can contribute to the country’s advanced emergency medical services. This project aims to reduce the mortality rate and provide opportunities for talented students who lack financial resources. The Endowment Fund plans to offer scholarships to students in the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) program and individuals working in emergency medical fields or residing in areas without access to paramedic education.

Join Us in Supporting Professional Paramedics

You can also be a part of the “Paramedic Creation” initiative, becoming a hero who saves the lives of emergency patients and increases their chances of survival.

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