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A good and efficient medical system is possible when all parties collaborate. Mahidol University is ready to be a key player in driving knowledge, fostering talent development, innovation, and research to create positive changes for everyone.

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Origin and significance of the Health Tech Ecosystem Project

The COVID-19 crisis has heightened global awareness of the importance of a well-prepared healthcare system, as it directly impacts the safety and quality of life for all, including the Thai population who now expect more development and confidence in the system.

While Thailand is recognized as a Medical Hub due to its world-class medical professionals and its top-five ranking in the Global Health Security Index, it still faces significant challenges:

Thailand still heavily relies on imported medicines, accounting for approximately 70% of the market value, with cancer treatments being particularly costly. Insufficient insurance coverage results in Thai citizens losing their lives due to the inability to afford these medications. In addition to improving healthcare systems and medical technology, Thailand must invest in research and development of medications and vaccines.

Despite widespread access to healthcare services in Thailand, there is a significant inequality in healthcare provision. Whether in urban centers or rural areas, many people do not receive timely medical care due to a shortage of medical professionals. The doctor-to-population ratio is 1 to 542 in Bangkok but drastically higher at 1 to 3,332 in the Northeastern region. (Source: Report on Public Health Resource, 2022)

Increasing the number of healthcare professionals in rural areas is crucial. Thailand also heavily relies on importing medical equipment, which costs over 60 billion baht annually. This dependence poses a challenge during global medical equipment shortages. The best solution is to develop more medical talents and technological innovations to ensure efficient medical services and preparedness.

Mahidol University believes that a good and efficient medical system, along with research in medicine and vaccines, is achievable through collaboration. The university is committed to pushing the boundaries of knowledge, nurturing medical talent, and leveraging its expertise and experience in innovation to create better opportunities for all.

The primary goal of the Health Tech Ecosystem project is to create an ecosystem that supports research and development in health and medical innovation. It aims to provide suitable healthcare services for the Thai population and promote preventive healthcare based on modern medicine principles.

Importantly, this project seeks to advance the entire Thai medical industry, ensuring preparedness to address major health challenges promptly. It aims to empower individuals to be more self-reliant, reduce healthcare expenses, decrease the import of medicines and equipment, and democratize access to healthcare for all while increasing the country’s capacity to export health and medical products.

Mahidol University is home to over ten faculties and institutes of health and medicine, in addition to five general hospitals, two dental hospitals, and two animal hospitals. Our goal is to collaborate in developing medical scholars, practitioners, researchers, and professionals who will eventually embody the Wisdom of the Land. In order to facilitate the delivery of life-improving care, they would collaborate in the development of pharmaceuticals and vaccines, the cultivation of medical innovators, and the establishment of medical technology innovations that benefit all individuals in the present and future.

You can support the Health Tech Ecosystem project to achieve higher efficiency and international standards through Mahidol University Endowment Fund. Donations will be managed and allocated to various initiatives under the Health Tech Ecosystem Project, bolstering the Thai medical industry’s readiness to effectively respond to health crises and improve healthcare standards.

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By supporting Health Tech Ecosystem for enhanced efficiency and international standard through Mahidol University Endowment Fund


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